80 million ski jumps from the new Holmenkollen!

An amazing 39,815,800 double jumps have been completed in the free on-line game Holmenkollen Ski Jump 2 since its launch four months ago. Activity peaked during the FIS World Cup at Holmenkollen.

On March 14, the same day as the competition was held at the Holmenkollen Arena, 408,757 virtual jumps were completed in the new Holmenkollen Ski Jump 2 game. Interest was enormous the next day too, when 354,840 jumps were completed. Norwegian players are the most eager at the moment. Then English, German and Swedish are the most frequently requested languages in the game. Players can choose from a total of nine languages.

A new and tougher version of the already popular on-line game Holmenkollen Ski Jump 1, was launched before Christmas, featuring the spectacular new Holmenkollen ski jump. Innovation Norway and VisitOSLO had already achieved great success with the original on-line game based on the "old" Holmenkollen ski jump. Between December 2006 when the first version of the game was launched and December 2009, 130 million virtual jumps were completed.

Effective marketing of Norway
- Holmenkollen Ski Jump is a success story in the international gaming community. Few games are visited by as many users and enjoy such a long life, says Audun Pettersen, Manager, Tourism at Innovation Norway.

If you want to experience jumping from the new Holmenkollen ski jump, go here: