A diversity objective

Lisa Cooper
Lisa Cooper
As the host nation, we would like the 2011 World Ski Championships to reflect the population of Norway. The organiser would like a competent body of volunteers that incorporates different age groups, genders and ethnic backgrounds. The Fellesstart project, which is already up and running, aims to ensure that at least 10% of the volunteers have an immigrant background.

Lisa Cooper is the project manager of Fellesstart (Joint start). She is involved in various diversity projects and is the Managing Director of the Leadership Foundation.
“I love the World Ski Championships project because it embraces such a lot and is long-term and well-defined. In addition to this, it is inspiring to have such concrete initiatives and such distinctive and measurable objectives. Our objective is to achieve diversity not only in terms of the number of immigrants, but also in terms of the competence of those we recruit”, says Cooper.

Modest objective
Lisa is convinced that the 2011 World Ski Championships will reach the target which is to ensure that 10 per cent of the volunteers recruited have an immigrant background.
“I think we have a modest objective. But the target percentage is not really the main thing, what is more important is what we do with the initiatives, what messages we manage to communicate and the interest we create amongst new and unconventional target groups.”  

The 2011 World Ski Championships will, for example, had a stand at the Mela festival in Oslo in August. Furthermore, the organiser would like to get into contact with students who have an immigrant background by means of initiatives that target different student organisations.

We would like the best 

The 2011 World Ski Championships will be the largest sports event that Norway has hosted in many years. The organiser expects around 650 athletes from more than 60 nations, about 1000 journalists and up to 300,000 spectators during the 12 WSC days at the new national arena in Holmenkollen.
“In order to see this event through in a smooth, inspiring and professional manner, we are completely dependent on being able to recruit over 2000 volunteers. We would like to find the best candidates. For this reason we are also trying to reach out to groups, which traditionally, have not participated in Holmenkollen events”, says Mari Nygaard, HR Manager of the WSC in 2011.

Facts about Fellesstart

The volunteer project of the 2011 World Ski Championships is called Fellesstart
- Fellesstart will have its official kick-off on Friday 4 September
- The project concerning diversity amongst volunteers, which is a part of Fellesstart, is managed by Lisa Cooper, Managing Director of the Leadership Foundation
- Over 2000 volunteers will be recruited for the 2011 World Ski Championships
- The objective is to make sure that 10 per cent of the volunteers have an immigrant background
- The recruitment process starts at the end of August 2009 (for the Trial WSC in March 2010)
- The application process is web-based – see www.oslo2011.no


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