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The World Championships pavilion
A pavilion has been erected at the 7th of June Square (7. juni-plassen) in Oslo city centre. Here the public can drop by for information concerning, amongst other things, the trial WSC in 2010 and the World Ski Championships in 2011 in Oslo.

From the winter of 2010 the temporary WSC pavilion also will house exhibitions and different activities focusing on both Holmenkollen and the city of Oslo as a winter capital. The activities will be carried out in cooperation with Oslo Municipality, the Minsitry of Foreign Affairs, Visit Oslo, the Ski Museum, Innovation Norway etc.

Ticket sales
Tickets will not be on sale at the pavilion, but we can help you with ticket information and ticket purchase through
Telephone: + 47 815 02 011
Address: 7. Juni plassen (the 7th June Square), Oslo city centre

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Facts about the pavilion
-         The pavilion was erected in the Winter of 2009, and will be taken down after the WSC in 2011.
-         A mat underneath the building ensures that the pavilion will not leave any marks in the ground once it is removed.
-         The pavilion will function as an information office for the public, and also as offices for the Ski-VM 2011 organisation.
-         The base area is 250 square metres.
-         It was designed by Snøhetta architectural company
-         Arthur Buchhardt is investor and contractor.


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