The world’s most modern ski jump!

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The Holmenkollen ski jump in February 2010
In March 2010, the lights will be switched on at the new Holmenkollen ski jump. “It will be a great day for ski jumping, the inhabitants of Oslo and for the tourist industry. We are looking forward to showing the ski jump off in the trial WSC in 2010”, Roy Evensen, Event Manager for Ski-VM 2011, says.

He adds: "We will, without a doubt, be getting the most modern ski jump in the world!."

The Holmenkollen ski jumping hill will be the newest in the world, and is one of the first design ski jumps. It will also constitue a monument boasting a world-class feat of engineering.

“Engineers all over the world are eagerly following the development of the new Holmenkollen ski jump, which is mainly constructed out of steel and concrete. It is a very complicated building process, where some of the excisiting structure will be intergrated in the new hill, and it cannot be compared to anything else in the world”, Evensen says.
A lot would seem to suggest that the interest for Holmenkollen will not decline but rather increase when our new, spectacular landmark is completed.
“Some say that Holmenkollen is the third best known sporting arena in the world, after Wimbledon and Wembley. I don’t think our position in the sporting world will be weakened with the New Holmenkollen”, Evensen says.
Tailor made for the athletes
According to Torgeir Nordby, ski jump competition administrator at Holmenkollen for the last 20 years and Norwegian member of FIS’ organising committee, the new ski jumping hill has a top modern profile. At the same time it will cater for athletes, judges, media and spectators alike.
“The ski jumpers are our no. 1 priority in the development process. Only the best is good enough, including wind protection systems, ice track machine, improved snow production facilities and new judges’ stands”, Nordby says.
New ski jumping hill at Midtstuen and five smaller ski jumps
According to Nordby, the new Midtstuen ski jumping hill will also be ready in 2010, a wonderful and intimate arena with plastic and porcelain tracks for summer jumping.
Ski jumping enthusiasts can also look forward to having five smaller ski jumps with plastic tracks, from K 5 to K 55. These ski jumps would not have been constructed now if it wasn’t for the fact that Norway is hosting the WSC in 2011. “The smaller ski jumps will give Kollenhopp a much longed for facility for recruitment”, Nordby says.
Facts about the new Holmenkollen ski jump
            ○ Completion: February 2010
            ○ Size: HS 134 / K 120
            ○ Building material: In-run, tower and stands in steel (some concrete)
            ○ First int. championship: Continental Cup and World Cup, both in March 2010 
            ○ Developer: Oslo Municipality is owner and in charge of the building process
            ○ Architect: JDS Architects (Danish/Belgian architectural firm)