Recruitment of volunteers to start in September

The application process for volunteer staff will start in September. An online portal will be launched via which everyone interested must apply. “We need around 2,000 volunteers in order to hold a professional Nordic World Ski Championships event, and create a public festival during the championships in Oslo,” says Ski-VM 2011’s HR Director, Mari R. Nygaard.

Everyone who wants to work as voluntary staff has to undergo a formal, electronic application process via a specially designed online staff portal. The website address is: It will provide comprehensive, relevant information.

A unique experience
“Please continue to enlist via the current website and we will send you an email in August when the staff recruitment portal and the formal application form are launched,” encourages Nygaard, who would like to remind people that she needs volunteers for both the trial WSC in March 2010 and the Nordic World Ski Championships in 2011.

Nygaard encourages all motivated people over the age of 18 to apply:
“I can promise you fun days, memories that will last a lifetime, unique and different experience to include on your CV, as well as new friends and a broader network.”


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