Why become a volunteer

Why become a volunteer?

  • As a volunteer for Ski-VM 2011, you will experience a feeling of pride in having participated in the achievement of the all time best World Ski Championships.
  • You will gain unique and different experiences, and have fond memories for life.
  • You will receive a WSC Certificate as proof of your efforts.
  • Your experiences from a major international event will increase your event-organisational competence.
  • You will make new contacts, meet many new people and build a network.
  • You will be a part in the promotion of Holmenkollen’s new national arena and Oslo city as the world’s winter capital.
  • It feels good and worthwhile giving something back to the community
What can we offer you?

  • The volunteers will complete a module-based competence programme which attends to all of the volunteers’ responsibilities.
  • We will also make sure that you feel personally involved and are included in a professional World Championship event.
  • We will make you visible as a volunteer through the provision of a great uniform.
  • Good facilities will be put in place for all of our volunteers.
  • Apart from this, you must expect unconventional working hours, little time off, long days and a lot of work. And a whole lot of FUN