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The Holmenkollen Culture and Tourist Center opens

On May 1st, the Ski Museum, ski simulator, three shops and a café will open at Holmenkollen. In addition, visitors can enjoy the amazing view from the tourist center's outdoor areas. The Holmenkollen ski jump tower opens for the public in June.


80 million ski jumps from the new Holmenkollen!

An amazing 39,815,800 double jumps have been completed in the free on-line game Holmenkollen Ski Jump 2 since its launch four months ago. Activity peaked during the FIS World Cup at Holmenkollen.

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Soria Moria best at feeding athletes

The Soria Moria Hotel won the "Enough of the right food" competition held during the trial World Cup. - We appreciate the great effort made by all the hotels toward our food project. Getting enough of the right food is essential for athletes, says Bente Rafen-Sparby, hotel and hosting manager in Ski-VM 2011.