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25 000 spectators at Holmenkollen on Sunday

About 25.000 spectators entered the gates of the new Holmenkollen arena on Sunday 14 March for the World Cup competitions.

Publikumsbilde stadion ingress

Great atmosphere on the first World Cup day

Between 14.000 and 15.000 ticket holders found their way to the Holmenkollen venue on Saturday. In addition, at least 10.000 enthusiastic spectators along the tracks cheered for the athletes.


Rune Velta won the first official competition

Rune Velta won the ski jumping competition at the official, historical opening of the new ski jump hill at Holmenkollen. He jumped 141 meters. Anette Sagen, who was given the honour of taking the first jump, reached 106.5 meters. Approximately 7,000 spectators showed up at the opening event.