Enthuse and spread the joy of winter

"We will spread enthusiasm about the joys of winter". This is the vision of the World Nordic Ski Championships 2011.

The purpose of this vision is to communicate why the WSC exists, how the organisation can contribute and why the officials should get out of bed in the morning and put in even more hours of voluntary effort. It will also represent the WSC’s collective ideology and platform. 

Our values
Enthusing: Happy - Enthusiastic - Charisma 
Generous: Open - Inviting - Including - Diversity 
Professional: Quality conscious - Competence - Fair play - Flexible, Conscientious 
Future oriented: Looking ahead - Modern - Innovative thinking - Sustainable values (such as the environment)

Our target groups:

  • Competitors and support apparatus
  • Spectators – both at the arena and TV audiences
  • Officials – voluntary and paid
  • TV and production companies
  • Sponsors and collaborating partners