Owners and partners

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The Federation for the Promotion of Skiing owns 40 percent of Ski-VM 2011 AS. 
The Federation for the Promotion of Skiing is one of the biggest and oldest out-door organisations in Norway, and is open to everybody. Ever since the organisation was founded, the main object has been to work for “the promotion of skiing and other out-door sports, as well as organising the Holmenkollen ski races”. 

The organisation develops and maintains cross-country tracks, ski jumping hills and downhill slopes, they run ski-schools, tourist lodges and the Holmenkollen sports arena with the Ski Museum. The organisation is also the host for the Holmenkollen ski races (pre 1892 the Huseby ski races) and awards the Holmenkollen Medal. The organisation publishes the “Snø og Ski” (Snow & Ski) yearbook. 

Address: Kongeveien 5, 0787 Oslo, Norge
Telephone: (+ 47) 22 92 32 00
Faks: (+ 47) 22 92 32 50
E-mail: skif@skiforeningen.no
Web address: www.skiforeningen.no



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NSF owns 60 percent of Ski-VM 2011 AS.
The Norwegian Ski Federation is the second largest special interest organisation in Norway and is the managing body for six ski disciplines: alpine, freestyle, ski jumping, nordic combined, cross-country and telemark. 

The NSF was founded on the 21st of January 1908 and is affiliated to the Norwegian Olympics and Paralympics Committee and Confederation of Sports, and the International Ski Federation (FIS). NSF is divided into 19 ski districts, is made up of about 1150 clubs and has 152.000 members. 

Vision: Many, talented and happy skiers. 
Objective: To administer Norwegian ski sports and work to develop our activity, organisation, finances and staff, so that the organisation meets the requirements, demands and challenges that the NSF members, Norwegian and international sport make, and to represent the ski sports internationally.

Address: Sognsveien 75 j, 0840 Oslo, Norway
Pos box: Serviceboks 1, Ullevål Stadion, 0840 Oslo, Norway
Telephone: (+ 47) 21 02 90 00
Fax: (+ 47) 21 02 94 01
E-mail: skiforbundet@skiforbundet.no 
Web address: www.skiforbundet.no



FIS owns the rights to Ski-VM 2011. 
FIS stands for Fédération Internationale de Ski, the International Ski Federation. It was founded during the Olympics in Chamonix in France on the 2nd of February 1924, and had 24 member nations. Today the members consist of 107 national ski federations. The headquarters of FIS are in Switzerland, and the secretary-general is Sarah Lewis.

Address: Marc Hodler House, Blochstrasse 2, 3653 Oberhofen / Thunersee, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 (33) 244 6161
Fax: +41 (33) 244 6171
E-mail: mail@fisski.ch
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The City of Oslo

The City of Oslo is the owner of the facilities and arenas connected with Ski-VM 2011. 
The City of Oslo is governed by a City Council (parliament) and a City Government that answers to the Council. The City Council has 59 representatives from different political parties and is chaired by the Mayor Fabian Stang from the political party Høyre. The politicians’ contact with the city’s population mainly goes through the City Council’s standing committees. 
The municipality has 15 districts, which are responsible for many of the municipal services. 

Address: The CIty of Oslo, Rådhuset, 0037 Oslo, Norway
Telephone: 02180 / +47 815 00 606
E-mail: postmottak@oslo.kommune.no
Web address: http://www.oslo.kommune.no