Facts about the new Holmenkollen ski jumping hill

Hoppbakken fra gratishaugen
The new Holmenkollen ski jump
The new ski jumping hill was completed in February 2010. The first international competitions - Continental Cup and FIS World Cup - were held in march 2010. After final work during 2010, the jump wil be ready for the World Championships in 2011.

Facts about the new Holmenkollen Ski Jump

  • Completed by the end of February 2010
  • Hill size: HS 134/ K 120
  • Width at the lip of the takeoff: 27 metres
  • Width of knoll shell: 30 - 50 metres
  • The start house tower is 65 metres above the ground
  • In the start house there will be a cafe (opening June 2010)
  • On top of the tower there will be a viewpoint (walls of glass and no roof)
  • Holmenkollen Ski Jump is situated 375 metres above sea level
  • Building materials: tower/inrun in steel, stands in steel and concrete
  • Builder: the facility is owned by the City of Oslo, which is also responsible for the building project
  • Architects: JDS Architects (Danish/Belgian architects firm)
  • First international championship:
    • Continental Cup 6th - 7th of March
    • FIS Nordic World Cup on 13th - 14th of March 2010 (test event for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships)
The world’s most modern ski jump
  • The newest ski jump in the world
  • The world’s first ski jump with a permanent windscreen integrated into the design of the structure
  • The only ski jump in the world built up by steel
  • A monument to world class engineering
  • Designed with the athletes, judges, press and spectators in mind, it includes a gondola lift to the top of the hill
  • New judges’ stand, new royal grandstand and better facilities for spectators