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Four ski jump events for men

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The board of the FIS has decided that there will also be a team competition for men on the small hill. This means there will be four ski jumping events for men at the 2011 World Championships. “We are happy that even more people will have the chance to see ski jumping at Holmenkollen. We have already noticed great interest from the public,” says Ski-VM 2011's Director of Sports, Espen Bjervig.

The four world championship events will be individual small hill, individual big hill, team big hill and team small hill.
“It is marvellous that we will be able to use each of our new jumps twice during the championships,” says Bjervig of the Holmekollen hill and the Midstu hill.

New combined event
Three Nordic combined competitions will be featured on the programme, following the new format of Gundersen big hill, Gundersen normal hill and team competition.
There will also be a fourth combined event. Which event this will be will be decided by a meeting of the FIS board in November, after it has been discussed by the combined committee.

No team jumping event for women
The FIS considered including a team jumping event for women, but decided during last weekend’s board meeting that this would not be included in the 2011 World Championships, as there are not enough competitors. However the board hopes to see more recruitment to this discipline, so that a team competition can soon be included in future championships.
“I hope interest in women’s ski jumping will soon be great enough that we will see a women’s team jump as a separate World Championship event,” says Bjervig.