Great TV images will be shown around the world

Ola Fagerheim, Fiona Martinelli, Odd Kaldefoss
Ola Fagerheim, chief producer in NRK (from left), Fiona Martinelli, EBU-delegate, and Odd Kaldefoss, project leader, NRK Host Broadcaster WSC
NRK, host broadcaster for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, organized a planning meeting on 14 and 15 April with the most important international TV channels in cooperation with the WSC 2011 organization. NRK will produce a fantastic TV experience. More than 100 TV cameras will be in use.

The positioning of NRK’s 114-116 TV cameras has already been determined, distributed throughout four central championship areas: The Holmenkollen ski jump, the Midtstubakken ski jump, the cross-country stadium and the University square – where the medal ceremonies will take place.

“We also want images that show off the view of the city. In some cases we have cut down trees and widened the tracks in order to get perfect TV images,” says Head Producer Ola Fagerheim with NRK.
He also speaks enthusiastically of the final 200 metres of the cross-country races as unique television, as a small hill has been added to the final stretch in the stadium.
“This means that several of the races may be decided on this hill, and that the competitors will have an unusually high speed up the final stretch,” explains Fagerheim.

Five international broadcasters
The technical facilities and services provided by NRK and the WSC 2011 organization to the international broadcasters were very well received at the planning meeting. Austrian, Finnish, German, Italian and Swedish broadcasters were all represented, in addition to FIS and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). Also NRK, in its capacity as national broadcaster, had a large delegation at the meeting.

“Everyone who is planning their own, major TV productions, with the exception of Switzerland, was present at our so-called World Broadcasters Meeting. There were a total of approximately 70 participants at the meeting, and the TV delegates were given a tour of Holmenkollen in glorious spring sunshine. We received very positive feedback at the meeting and expect final orders by 1 June,” says  Information Manager Helen Amlie with NRK Sport.

The orders apply to everything from own camera positions, commentary booths, electricity, furniture, etc.


  • NRK has been appointed by EBU (European Broadcasting Union) as host broadcaster for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Oslo in 2011.
  • As host broadcaster NRK is responsible for producing international live sound and images from all competitions and medal ceremonies. 
  • As host broadcaster NRK is also responsible for providing technical facilities and services to local broadcasters that have been permitted by EBU to cover the Ski World Championships in Oslo.