Has taken over the Holmenkollen National Arena

Svein Aaser (chairman WSC 2011), Åsne Havnelid (CEO WSC 2011) and Jøran Kallmyr (City of Oslo) (photo: Kristian S. Moen, Holmenkollen Project)
"This is a great day, which we have looked forward to for a long time. We are impressed by Oslo Municipality’s building process. The Holmenkollen National Arena will be fantastic," says Svein Aaser, chairman of the WSC 2011 board.

On 22 February he accepted, together with CEO of WSC, Åsne Havnelid, the “key” to the new national ski facility from Jøran Kallemyr, commisioner for transport and the environment in the city of Oslo.
Following an intense final leg, the Holmenkollen project has completed the facility as promised for the Continental Cup and FIS World Cup in March 2010. Heavy vehicles and equipment have been temporarily removed, but will be back again in April to complete the final touches before the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2011.

“Now that the building site has been cleared, we can see even more clearly how magnificent this will be. The facility is abound with clever and modern details. We are currently moving in with temporary solutions, i.e. toilets, fences, food stalls, tents, etc., and we are starting to prepare the tracks, the ski arena and the ski jump,” says Havnelid.

A great organizing city
Jøran Kallemyr is proud of the new national facility, and hopes that Oslo will emerge as a great organizing city.
“It is better than we dared to hope for. Not only is it a great ski jump, it’s a major ski facility that suits winter in Norway well and will make Oslo and Norway even more famous,” says Kallemyr.

Svein Aaser agrees, and adds:
“The facility is an investment in the future and our generation’s most sensible use of oil money.”