The communication of culture and building of brand names

According to the President of the Norwegian Ski Federation, Sverre K. Seeberg, the Nordic World Ski Championships in Oslo in 2011 are important in so many more ways than just satisfying the world’s ski elite. “The World Championships have ensured an upgrading of the ski facilities at Holmenkollen, and Holmenkollen is our strongest brand name abroad as well as being an important part of our ski culture”, Seeberg says.

And Seeberg knows what he is talking about. Not only is he the President of the Norwegian Ski Federation, he is also a member of the FIS Council (the International Ski Federation), as well as the chairman of the Ski-VM 2011 Advisory Board.

“By hosting the Nordic World Ski Championships in Oslo, we have a unique opportunity to maintain our country’s status as a ski and spectator nation – and not least, we will have a fantastic opportunity to teach the next generation to appreciate Holmenkollen. This is communication of culture”, Seeberg says enthusiastically.
Expectations to the spectators
Seeberg has great expectations to the spectators and the atmosphere they create, and points out that FIS has as well, based on memories from the World Championships in Oslo in 1982, the Winter Olympics at Lillehammer in 1994 and the World Championships in Trondheim in 1997.
“Skiing and ski sports, especially Nordic disciplines, are certainly an important part of our cultural heritage, and an important part of our national identity. I hope we manage to capture the imagination of the whole nation and that also younger spectators turn up at Holmenkollen in 2011”, Seeberg says.
Needed upgrading
We were awarded the Nordic World Ski Championships in 2011 because Oslo and Holmenkollen is one of the most traditional and recognized host venues for Nordic disciplines, and because FIS saw that Holmenkollen needed an upgrade.
“It is in the interest of FIS to maintain the classic host venues. The facilities at Holmenkollen were most definitely the next in line”, Seeberg says.
Seeberg admits that he is glad that the project group has now finished the actual planning of the World Championship facilities, so that the physical work can commence. He makes use of the Marka area on a regular basis himself, but only for exercise. Here he goes cross-country skiing or jogging – when his time schedule allows. The sports appointments and posts take up a lot of his time. He spends 20-30 weekends abroad every year, attending meetings or races. And on a day-to-day basis, the President of the Norwegian Ski Federation is in charge of DnB NOR’s Commercial Property division.
“I sleep well at night. After all, we do have a very competent organisational company which will be in charge of the planning and implementation in 2011”, Seeberg concludes.