Ski Team

Looking forward to compete on home ground

The ladies ski jumping team of Norway is on track for the WSC in 2011. They look forward to the extra attention and atmosphere in Oslo. Naturally, they also dream about success on home ground.

“The cornerstones are in place for the building of a team for the WSC in 2011. We have four motivated girls on the A-team, compared to two last year. We also have a B-team with four girls”, Frode Håre, the national ladies team coach, says.

He emphasizes that all the girls are young, which means that the goal is to have four girls on the A-team when the WSC comes to Oslo. It means a lot to them to be able to compete on home ground.
This winter, the girls will be part of making history; they will participate in the first ski jumping World Championships for ladies in history. This is huge – especially for Anette Sagen, who has fought hard for ladies ski jumping for many years.
Disappointed – do not get to jump at Holmenkollen
“Norway has been viewed as a leading country as regards ladies ski jumping, much thanks to the Norwegian Ski Federation. This is why it is especially great to be the host nation for the WSC in 2011”, Håre says.
He is disappointed on behalf of the girls, however, because they do not get to compete and make a showing in front of the Norwegian audience at the new Holmenkollen in 2011. FIS has decided that the hill is too big. The ladies have to compete for the World Championship title at Midtstubakken.
The girls currently on the national A-team are:
Anette Sagen (23)
Line Jahr (24)
Gyda Enger (15)
Silje Sprakehaug (17)