New arena and new cross-country tracks

The New Holmenkollen national arena includes a brand new ski arena, new cross-country tracks and the new Midtstubakken ski jumping hill – in addition to the Holmenkollbakken ski jumping hill. “It will be a fantastic arena for spectators and athletes alike”, Roy Evensen, Event Manager for Ski-VM 2011, says.
The ski arena at Holmenkollen will be brand new, with new bridges, passages and overpasses, as well as wider tracks. “We separate the spectators from the athletes. In this way, it will be easier for the spectators to move around and also easier to access good spots where they can watch the races, without the risk of damaging the tracks”, Evensen says. He also adds that the arena will be much better adapted to the needs of the everyday sports, both summer and winter.
Arena sports
The longest track circuit is currently planned to be approximately 10 kilometres. For the 50k race, the athletes - both in World Cup 2010 and World Championships in 2011 - will complete an 8.3 kilometre track circuit six times.
“Cross-country has become more of an arena sport including more mass starts and more free teqhnique disciplines. We adapt to this development by having shorter and more spectator-friendly track circuits. The atmosphere is going to hit the roof", says Evensen.

He also says that there will be possibility of camping in the area around Frognerseteren, in order to meet the Norwegian culture of “camping around the tracks” .  The athletes appreciate this Norwegian tradition, which leads to spectators  all along the tracks.
Facts about the tracks
-         The longest track circuit is 10 kilometres (passing Frognerseteren and turning at Bomveien)
-         The tracks have a width of 9 metres for large parts of the route (to be able to handle pursuit and relay races).
-         The tracks for the World Ski Championships are well suited for cross-country, Nordic combined and biathlon alike, as well as having good combination possibilities for creating competition tracks for children and juniors.