The world’s winter capital for the fifth time

With the WSC in 2011, Oslo will for the fifth time gather the world’s ski elite for a championship. Originally, ski competitions in the capital started at Iversløkken in 1866. But in 1879, the skiers moved to Husebybakken where the snow conditions were more reliable. For 13 years, the capital’s ski enthusiasts went there en masse, until the ski jumping hill was deemed too small and they moved to Holmenkollen in 1892.

OL i 1952

Holmenkollen – Steeped in History

It started with ski jumps of only a few feet in the middle of old Christiania, which was Oslo’s name back in 1866. To ensure good snow conditions, the jumping was moved further up the hill to Holmenkollen, where the first Holmenkollen ski event took place in January 1892.