Celebration, culture and free concerts

During the Championships the centre of Oslo will be filled with cultural events, outdoor concerts and street life for nine days straight. - We want to create an unforgettable celebration and show the public that the World Ski Championships are more than ski races, says Director of Culture and Protocol Tove Indgjerd in Ski-VM 2011.

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Impressed by Oslo's World Championships cooperation

Olympic veteran John Aalberg is in place as Sports Director. He sees many unique aspects of the World Championship event. "I have never before experienced a whole city cooperating on a World Championship event. Cooperation with the municipality and tourist industry is unique and makes the event bigger and better," says Aalberg.

Ola Fagerheim, Fiona Martinelli, Odd Kaldefoss

Great TV images will be shown around the world

NRK, host broadcaster for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, organized a planning meeting on 14 and 15 April with the most important international TV channels in cooperation with the WSC 2011 organization. NRK will produce a fantastic TV experience. More than 100 TV cameras will be in use.

Karlsen og Bongard_ingress

Soria Moria best at feeding athletes

The Soria Moria Hotel won the "Enough of the right food" competition held during the trial World Cup. - We appreciate the great effort made by all the hotels toward our food project. Getting enough of the right food is essential for athletes, says Bente Rafen-Sparby, hotel and hosting manager in Ski-VM 2011.


Has taken over the Holmenkollen National Arena

"This is a great day, which we have looked forward to for a long time. We are impressed by Oslo Municipality’s building process. The Holmenkollen National Arena will be fantastic," says Svein Aaser, chairman of the WSC 2011 board.


10,000 tickets have been sold

10,000 tickets have now been sold for the FIS World Cup to be held at Holmenkollen on 13-14 March 2010. Sunday is the most popular so far.

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Planning for a big audience

The FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2011 will be the biggest public event in Norway since the Olympics in Lillehammer in 1994. This, combined with a brand new ski arena, means that WSC 2011 is now focusing on spectator flow. Leading experts from Britain have been helping.

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Good and safe spectator management

In order to provide the public with the best possible experience, the 2011 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2011 has appointed a dedicated spectator manager. Jørgen Aass has general responsibility for coordination and quality assurance of all services and measures for and towards the public.


The event programme is finalised

The International Ski Federation (FIS) has now approved the programme of 21 events for the World Ski Championships in 2011. FIS has also decided to approve the fourth Nordic combined competition (normal hill ski jump and 4x5km cross-country), which will make these World Championships an even better spectacle for the public.

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Partnership agreement with the Norwegian ski jumpers

Norwegian ski jumpers have signed a partnership agreement with the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. - If we can help to make the World Ski Championships on our home turf in Oslo an even better event, it will be an honour for us, says Bjørn Einar Romøren.